Our commitment

The Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BDAC) endeavours to uphold the
highest standards in relation to privacy and confidentiality. If you would like further
information, please seek a copy of our Privacy Policy from our website or your worker.

What personal information we collect and how

BDAC respects that personal information shared by you or collected about you belongs
to you. We will collect personal information directly from you where possible and only
use your personal information for what is reasonably necessary for us to perform our

Why we collect personal information

The primary or main reason we collect and use your personal information is to develop a
tailored plan to support individual circumstances. How we use personal information

We usually share information with:

• Internal program leaders at BDAC to support allocation and appropriate service
• Partner agencies or individuals as part of your usual care.
To provide quality service into the future we may use information (which generally does
not include identifiable personal information) to:
• Provide statistical information to our funding bodies;
• Conduct client satisfaction surveys;
• Conduct evaluations of our programs;
• Participate in initiatives for continuous improvement.

Limitation to consent

If there is a serious threat to your life, health, safety or welfare or to that of another
individual (including public safety), we are authorised by law to contact the appropriate

If personal information is not provided

You may choose to withdraw consent at any time or choose not to provide certain
information. This may affect the level of service we are able to provide or may mean we
are not able to provide some services at all, we will discuss potential impacts with you
depending on the situation.

Access to personal information

Please refer to our privacy policy which provides details about how you may request
formal access to or correction of your personal information.

Contact us

If you have any queries, comments or complaints about our personal information
handling, please refer to our Privacy Policy or the Feedback Procedure of this booklet
for how to contact us

Please find a copy of BDAC's Privacy Policy below

Privacy Policy