Work placement

25th June 2020

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 BDAC are unable to take on Student Placements at this time. 

We will update this page as required

BDAC accepts secondary school and university students seeking work placement in their specific areas of interest. Volunteers play a vital part in helping BDAC achieve better health outcomes for our community.

All placements require a Volunteer Working with Children Card and police check (organised through BDAC). When making an enquiry with our human resources team, please provide the following information:

  • Where you would like to work (e.g. admin, family support, housing, justice, disability).
  • When you are available and the number of hours you can work.
  • A current CV

To apply for a work placement or volunteer role at BDAC, please complete the Application Form and send it to [email protected] with a copy of your resume. BDAC will contact you in due course to discuss your placement.